"China's First Avant-Garde Composer and One of the Most Original Composers of His Generation"

Excerpts from Various Recordings

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Fairy Lady ‘Meng Jiang’ BIS 1779, 2013

Fairy Lady ‘Meng Jiang’ (Flute Concerto)

Lovers Besiege (Orchestral Suite)

Fall of Baghdad CD coverGe Gan-Ru: Fall Of Baghdad, Naxos, 2009

Fu – Prose Peom (String Quartet No. 1)

Angel Suite (String Quartet No. 4)

Fall of Baghdad (String Quartet No.5)

Lost Style CD coverGe Gan-Ru: Lost Style, New Albion NA-134, 2006

Four Studies of Peking Opera (Piano Quintet)

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! (for Voice Self Accompanied by a Toy Ensemble) 

Yi Feng – Lost Style (for Solo Cello)

Chinese Rhapsody CD coverGe Gan-Ru: Chinese Rhapsody [Hybrid SACD] BIS 1509, 2005

Chinese Rhapsody (for Orchestra)

Wu – Rising to Heights (for Paino & Orchestra)

Six Pentatonic Tunes (for Orchestra)

Margaret Leng Tan CD coverSonic Encounters: The New Piano (1988)

Ge Gan-ru:

Gu Yue – Ancient Music (for Solo Piano)